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Credit Counseling


After the review of the information provided during the counseling session, your counselor may recommend our Debt Management Plan. On this plan, we can work with your creditors to possibly:
  • Lower or waive your interest
  • Waive the fees
  • Lower your payments
  • Consolidate your debt into an affordable repayment plan
  • The Debt Management Plan simplifies the sometimes nerve-wracking process of paying too many bills. One monthly payment is sent to us and we disperse this to your creditors. You will continue to receive your creditor statements in the mail, so you can monitor all of your accounts. After a while, you'll notice on the statements that your balances will gradually decrease.

    Navicore Solutions provides ongoing counseling while you are enrolled on our Debt Management Plan. Our Client Guidance department is available to help solve any financial problems that might occur along your road to being debt free. We also have a Client Care Department to provide customer service to you with the handling of your accounts and payments.

    Our Debt Management Plan is only offered if it is the appropriate solution for you.

    Please call
    to speak with a Certified Counselor who will help you
    determine what program is right for you.

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